22.Houstonian. Filipina. Traveling foodie. Fall out of Love with the world and fall in love with Jesus.

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  • peterdwebb:

    Jealousy has no place in a world where God has a unique and perfect plan for each one of us. He has destined and prepared us each for different assignments.

    I am 4 weeks into Fire in the night internship! I was looking at journal entries from January, July, and this past September and it’s no accident that I’m supposed to be here in this season. There is cry in my heart to know more about the beauty/nature of God and encounter him through the written and living word. I am giving him my heart and the journey together doesn’t end here! #fireinthenight #ihopkc #Godisgood (at International House of Prayer)

    First of the many fall birthdays in Fire in the night. So encouraged by everyone who prayed words of encouragement after class for today’s birthday boy and went out for some Starbucks together. Happy birthday Caleb! πŸ˜πŸŽ‰β˜•οΈ #fireinthenight #Godisgood (at IHOPKC Multi-Purpose Room)

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