22.Houstonian. Filipina. All I need is you Lord.

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  • jspark3000:

    Hello beloved wonderful friends!

    This message is titled, You Are More Than Your Drama: You Were Made For A Story

    It’s about looking above the petty conflicts and drama that so easily pulls us in, and moving towards God’s purpose and all we were made for.

    Stream above or download directly here!


    Some things I talk about are: Overhearing a woman catch her boyfriend cheating with another woman in my apartment complex, watching a TV show and yelling at all the dumb decisions they make, our first reaction if God were to rip the roof off your house and make eye contact with you, those O.G. 1st century Christians rebelling against the Roman Empire, getting pulled into the vortex of crazy yelling ugly cry-face drama, and the most hardcore gangster preacher of all time.

    For other messages from the podcast, check here.

    Be blessed and love y’all!

    — J.S.

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    “ It is wise to invest our life in things unseen that we cannot measure, like humility, servanthood, a heart of prayer and abandonment to God. ”

    —    @ihopkc (via ihopkc)
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